producer / engineer / MIXER / MUSICIAN

After finding his groove as an Assistant Engineer at Studios 301 and Albert Studios, Dan has slowly but surely made his way through the east coast music scene becoming a regarded studio staple. Having managed to work alongside some excellent names: George Michael, Amy Shark, Daniel Johns, Xavier Rudd, Bernard Fanning, Gurrumul, Kram, The Waifs, Delta Goodrem, A$AP Ferg & George Maple over the years, all the while absorbing wisdom from many producers and engineers alike to create his unique skillset and take on the creation of music. Dan Originally started out at the now defunct BJB Studios alongside the founders; Chris Townend, Scott Horscroft and producer Eric J. Dan was soon after poached by Studios 301, he quickly became part of the Sydney facilities furniture and was soon after sent up to run their Byron Bay Facility as the in-house Engineer for several years, namely as the right hand man to Grammy winning Producer/Engineer Nick DiDia.

Now back in Sydney as an independent Producer/Engineer for the past 4 years, Dan currently resides as one of few in-house            Engineer's / Producer's for
Forbes St Studios and Sony StudiosWhilst also a regular of label work for the like's of Sony Music & Universal Music Australia and now has his own personal studio space. Throughout these studios Dan is seen producing for a plethora of underground psych bands to engineering for the ACO (Australian Chamber Orchestra) to tracking vocals for electronic sensation JOY. to engineering for Peter Garrett, Troye Sivan or Joe Jonas, whilst amidst all this, finding time to jam and delve into the world of analog synths with 70's psych wanderers 'Turtle Skull'.

Recently Dan has been sewing his way toward the initial seedling of the writing process; helping artists refine, rework and re-formulate their songs wherever they see fit. Taking advantage of his humble studio setup allowing Dan to fit into the vibe with folk and indie electronic artists, grunge bands, garage bands psychedelic bands or modern rock bands, almost any music maker open to letting Dan take the helm and meld his modern technology with the classic vintage gear he loves. Dan has been making his presence a necessity from the birth of your tracks right through to the final mix.


The studio..

After years of pondering and conceptualising a place for artists and creatives alike to have a safe haven for expressing and creativity, it all seemed to just fall into place rather organically and relatively quickly. The studio, which I currently reside and share with renowned Producer/Engineer Dylan Adams, is a place that appeared for me through a chance conversation with Dylan. After a brief visit it only seemed to make sense for me to come in and help build on the already vibed and geared out studio. Having since utilised it for tracking bands to overdubbing and mixing. This studio can and will make your records burn, with the small but powerful arsenal both Dylan and myself have curated whilst attaining a strong stockpile of instruments that were made to get the job done, it seems I've been able to do just that, as I've been recently completing single's for 'Lucy Lowe' and 'Fern' and hard at it working through an EP for songstress 'Hunter Adams', along with works in progress with Zeahorse, Mamajae, Charlie Gradon, Doni Raven, my own band Turtleskull and probably other bands I'm forgetting (soz) Rest assured this place is retaining the stress free and inspiring environment I set out to create and I believe the outcomes are speaking for themselves.

the gear..

Housed with some fun gear the studio consists of.


  • 2 x u87
  • 2 x coles 4038
  • 1 x reslo ribbon
  • 1 x sennheiser 441 (ex alberts)
  • 1 x akg d12 (ex alberts)
  • 7 x sm57
  • 1 x sm7b
  • 3 x sennheiser 421
  • 2 x Beyer Dynamic m88
  • 1 x Electrro Voice re-20
  • 1 x audix d6


  • UAD Apollo Quad DSP
  • UAD Apollo 16(black) Quad DSP
  • UAD Apollo Twin MKII Quad DSP
  • UAD Apollo Satellite Quad DSP


  • Universal Audio la610
  • Chandler Limited ltd1
  • 2 x mci jh500 pre/eq
  • sebartron vmp4
  • Universal Audio 1176
  • Eventide h3000
  • SSL XL Logic X-Desk


    • 1975 Ludwig Kit
    • Sonor Birch Force 3000 Kit
    • Pearl Masters Kit
    • Loads of Cymbals
    • Black Beauty Snare, Ludwig Snares + a bunch more snares
    • Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp
    • Fender Vibrolux Reverb Amp
    • VOX ac30 head + cab
    • Orange ad30 head + cab
    • Fender American 62' Reissue Jaguar Guitar
    • Fender Mustang Reissue Bass
    • Upright Piano
    • Fender Rhodes Keyboard
    • Hammond c3 Organ + Leslie
    • Korg Minilogue Keyboard
    • Microkorg
    • Roland Juno 106
    • My stupidly big pedal board


    • Protools 12 with 32 i/o
    • Ableton Live 9 Suite
    • Native Instruments Komplete 11
    • Arturia V Collection + Analog Lab2
    • UAD All Plugins
    • Waves Gold Bundle
    • Soundtoys 5 Bundle
    • Fabfilter Bundle
    • Plugin Alliance Bundle
    • Slate Digital 
    • Eventide Ultrachannel + EQuivocate
    • Empirical Labs Arouser
    • Melodyne 4
    • Autotune 8


      • Barefoot Sound Footprint01
      • Yamaha NS10's + Genelec 1092 Sub
      • Auratones


      Call;  0405 455 945.